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Chicago Water Damage Restoration

The leading Chicago water damage restoration company is just a phone call away – Windy City Water Damage Restoration is ready to help with all water damage emergencies in Chicago and the rest of Cook County, IL by connecting you with the right water damage restoration company near you. We believe in speed being the most valuable asset to possess in the water damage restoration trade and that’s why we only partner and work with experts who can respond in time.

The result of this is Windy City Water Damage Restoration’s website users always being connected to the best of the best Chicago water damage restoration companies. Give us a call and see it yourself!

Water Damage Chicago IL

Properties in Chicago IL are no strangers to water damage. Besides the external sources like storms or flash floods, water damage can be caused by a lot of different indoor triggers, such as burst pipes, toilet, and sewage backups, leaks from appliances, AC, or even roofing, siding failures, and many others. 

But when talking specifically about flooding, like every other concrete jungle in the country, the city of Chicago does have risks. It seems like every year the city breaks a record when it comes to precipitation, leaving some people worried about Chicago flooding risks

This is why Windy City Water Damage Restoration is here – to provide help to our fellow Chicagoans right when they need it the most. Flooding disaster is a no joke, but with our experts’ skillset, experience, work ethic, communication, and positive attitude, they’ll make the whole situation seem much better and bring a smile to your face once you see your property fully restored and in a livable condition once again. 

So, if you’ve experienced flood or water damage in Chicago and are on this website looking for help, call us at (312) 910-5521 and let’s get started with the water damage restoration process the right way. 

residential water damage Chicago IL

Why You Need to Respond Quickly after Water Damage

When water in a property is out of control, the results can be anything from a little annoyance to outright catastrophe!

When there is an uncontrolled release, water usually takes the path of least resistance, spreading across many surfaces with ease as it goes. Many substances absorb water based on their porosity. Water absorption causes building materials and contents to discolor, swell, delaminate, warp, and split within hours or sometimes even minutes. 

The impact rapidly worsens over the course of a day or two, and it all becomes clearly visible. The negative impacts of water evaporation, however, are not visible.

Humidity rises as water evaporates, as does vapor pressure. Vapor pressure is the force that vapors impose on their surroundings. With each hour that passes, the loss’s size and cost grow due to these factors too, and not just the water itself.

One of the consequences of high humidity is mold. Mold can start developing in as little as 24 hours and it can cause the situation to be much worse than it already is. Not only is mold costly to remove but it can also be health hazardous, especially if you end up with a very dangerous mold type (like Stachybotrys chartarum for example). 

This is why an immediate response is so critical. You don’t need any of the secondary damage from high humidity, vapor pressure, and mold. Call Windy City Water Damage Restoration and let the experts we connect you with deal with all of the damage for you before the situation grows into a nightmare. 

How Our Process Works

1. Verification

The first step of our process is the verification. Once you call us, one of our call center agents will quickly pick up and verify that you're a genuine customer looking for help with water damage.

2. Consultation

After that, our call center agent will quickly connect you with one of our Chicago water damage restoration pros. A qualified expert will pick up the phone and consult with you regarding your situation.

3. Fulfillment

Then, lastly, the crew of water damage restoration technicians will be dispatched to your doorstep. They'll be accompanied by an estimator who will come up with an appropriate quote for your project.

Why Use Our Service

Windy City Water Damage Restoration aims to first provide the citizens of Chicago, IL with helpful information about water damage and the benefits of water damage restoration services that other local restoration companies do not provide. There are many reasons why they don’t do this, some of which may include them having inadequate marketing team they’re working with or just them being too busy with other priorities.

But that’s not the case with us. By educating you on water damage in Chicago and all types of problems water damage restoration services can solve, you’ll be much more confident as a customer in making that phone call. You’ll know what to expect from your restoration company and how will their cleanup and restoration process look like. 

You’ll also be able to trust us and our service since we only work with carefully-vetted professionals who have experience in the industry. Their fulfillment processes are on point, leading to you, the customer, never experiencing hang-ups, voicemails, and excuses right when you need help the most. No more calling multiple different companies in the city just to not even get a call back.

When you call Windy City Water Damage Restoration, you can be assured you’re going to be connected in time, receive a prompt response, and an obligation-free quote from a Chicago water damage restoration company. So, pick up the phone and call (312) 910-5521!

Basement Flooding Chicago

Basement flooding happens quite often. Basements are one of the most important rooms in your house, however, they’re the most neglected at the same time. In the typical damp basement environment, flooding can cause a lot of problems. 

For starters, basement flooding can potentially damage your home’s foundation, in some cases to the point of the damage being irreparable. 

Basement water damage can also result in mold development and by the time you check in on your basement, that mold will already be in its peak condition. 

This is why, firstly, you want to check in on your basement more often, especially in Chicago. And then, if you’ve spotted water damage in your basement, you should get in touch with a professional water damage restoration company – Windy City Water Damage Restoration will help you with that. 

Our experts can resolve all types of water damage problems, including a flooded basement. 

Call us if you’ve experienced basement flooding in Chicago!

Chicago water damage restoration
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The Best Water Damage Repair Business in Chicago, IL, Area

Thanks to the data we’ve linked to above, it’s safe to assume that most residential and commercial properties in Chicago will be affected by water damage at some point in their lives, and the situations might include leaks, flooding of rooms or even entire floors, a lot of building damage, mold, and so on. 

To restore homes or businesses that have experienced water damage as swiftly as possible while saving property owners valuable time and money, our experts are offering top-notch water damage restoration services to communities and neighborhoods in Chicago

No matter how minor or major the water damage, the restoration and repair process is always unpleasant and stressful when you DIY. However, with our qualified experts and their cutting-edge water damage restoration tools, your water cleanup project is guaranteed to go as simple, fast, and effective as possible.

Windy City Water Damage Restoration takes pleasure in being the local authority that property managers and homeowners come to. You can rely on us to provide you with the right assistance for even the toughest water damage restoration jobs. When you call us, you’ll quickly be put in contact with the best of the best in the industry, able to take advantage of the immense wealth of knowledge and experience that they possess.

Our specialists will do it all for you! From water removal to cleanup, everything is done so that your property looks and feels better than new in the end. 

Why Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company

Get Rid of Health Threats

It’s no secret that water damage can cause a mess in your household and set you back for a few days. But how threatening is water damage actually?

To understand this, you first need to know that, according to Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification S500 Standard, there are 3 categories of water damage in Chicago IL:

  • Category 1 or clean water damage – Damage caused by rain water, melting snow, or water supply lines. This type of water is usually not contaminated and can be DIY-ed. 
  • Category 2 or grey water damage – Appliance leaks, hydrostatic pressure, sump pump failures, toilet overflows, and other types of bathroom leaks can all cause grey water damage. Grey water can be contaminated to a certain degree, with urine and kitchen waste being some of the more common threats. It is recommended that at this point you contact a water damage restoration company for water removal and cleanup services. 
  • Category 3 or black water damage – Sewage backups and floodwaters are considered black water. When you have this type of water damage, the only thing you should do is stay away! Sewage is incredibly contaminated, as are floodwaters (this time it’s not just urine being present but also feces). With floodwaters, you also are at risk from being hit by large and sharp objects that can find themselves in the water too. Just some of the diseases involving sewage include Campylobacteriosis, Cryptosporidiosis, Encephalitis, and others. In 100% of the category 3 cases, you should hire a professional for water damage repair.
Also, as we’ve said, standing water can cause mold growth accompanied by various microorganisms and bacteria. It can also invite your family’s well-being intruders such as dust mites and cockroaches. Does all of this sound like a big No-No?
It surely does. And this is why water damage restoration services are so beneficial. You instantly remove yourself from all of these potential health hazards and let the professionals expose themselves to them instead. And, unlike most homeowners and business owners trying to DIY, professional restoration technicians will be wearing protective clothing and will be equipped with proper tools and skills.
Our certified experts will provide top-notch service at the most reasonable prices possible. Call us today and let’s get started!
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Recover Your Property Value

Would you buy a house with water damage? Probably not, unless you’re an investor. And even then, you probably wouldn’t pay the seller a premium.

Here’s the thing – water damage can and will cause home value to drop. According to well-conducted research by Ebbwater, the loss of home value equals 15% to 60%, depending on the situation. Even if you’re not planning to sell, this should be of concern to you. Note that that same study also says that buyers are willing to pay more, not less, if the property has been properly rebuilt and flood-proofed. 

And the best way to rebuild is to hire a Chicago water restoration company through Windy City Water Damage Restoration. Our professionals have done it before. They’ll do it again. Call us. 

Professional Chicago Water Damage Restoration Services from an Experienced Team

We offer multiple water damage restoration services in Chicago. Let’s mention some of them and explain them in detail!

Water Damage Cleanup

Regardless of how you want to call it, whether it’s water damage cleanup, water damage repair, or water mitigation, this process is the same every time. There are multiple steps – fixing the moisture source, removing the water, and drying out the property. 

When our recommended team arrives, the first step in water damage cleanup is identifying the water source and fixing it to prevent further damage. Sometimes this is already done by the homeowner. Then they’ll move on to the water removal step. Water removal is performed using very specific water extraction equipment and the end result is water being pumped out of your property to an appropriate location. 

Then, it’s time to do the dishes. Anti-microbials and deodorizers are usually applied as a part of a thorough cleaning procedure, and the work will put in to purify the air. All of the affected surfaces will be contained and once the cleanup is done, there will be no mess left behind, leaving your home looking better than new. And that water damage disaster? It will seem like just a blip in your everyday routine. 

water damage restoration Chicago IL
water damage restoration Chicago

Structural Drying

Just because there is no more standing water in your home or business, that doesn’t mean that the restoration process is complete. 

Water presence, especially in warm and humid areas, can lead to high air humidity in your house, as we’ve explained earlier on this page. This humid air can cause further damage and mold growth, which will significantly add to your restoration and cleanup expenses.  

This is what our experts aim to prevent, and with a working structural drying process, you can sit back and relax while they’re handling all the humidity problems for you. They use professional dehumidifiers for this, and while those can be a little loud, they’re guaranteed to work and help bring the humidity in your property down to normal levels. 

Until the temperature, humidity, and moisture testing verifies that all impacted surfaces have been dried to appropriate levels in accordance with industry standards, the drying equipment will be working around the clock. 

Call Windy City Water Damage Restoration and let’s get started with helping you get the best possible water damage restoration team to assist you with your situation!

Sewage Cleanup Chicago

In addition to dealing with the brown-tinted water that backs up into your property due to clogged sewers beneath your home, you also have to deal with the unpleasant smells and potential diseases that go along with it.

As we’ve said a couple of paragraphs ago, sewage damage is one of the most dangerous types of water damage, and the well-being of you and those around you is threatened by it.

Calm down and stay away from the affected area. Don’t even attempt to fix the problem on your own. Save yourself from unnecessary health hazard exposure and contact a professional. 

If you’ve experienced sewage backup and need an experienced Chicago sewage cleanup company to help you, call us and we’ll connect you with the right guys. They will assist in getting everything back in working order with top-notch sewage cleanup services!

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Emergency Water Damage Response

Although we have no control over what came before, we do have control over what happens next. If you need an emergency response to a flood or other types of catastrophe, we’re here for you. As soon as we receive your call and get the details we need from you, a team of fast and efficient technicians will be dispatched to your door. 

A prompt reaction time increases the likelihood that the damage can be mitigated, avoiding further harm from occurring, and saving time and money. When there is structural damage, quick action allows our professionals to analyze the situation, secure the property, preserve the contents, and stop further damage. Rapid action can minimize the amount of demolition and repairs necessary to rebuild the structure. 

We take care of everything to reduce the stress and inconvenience associated with cleanup and restoration, and commit to turning what is undoubtedly the worst scenario into the best experience imaginable. Call us to receive an emergency water damage response

Additionally, try to obtain funding from the government. These are some of the programs through which you can receive funding:

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Chicago

Let’s talk business now. If you’re a business owner and have water damage, know that you need to act fast if you don’t want your business to suffer.

First of all, the presence of standing water in your business threatens the commercial property itself and its contents. Your computers and valuable documents run the risk of being completely destroyed and unusable. These losses pose a significant cost that will deduct from your profits. Water damage will directly lead to your bottom line being negatively affected.

Your employee’s productivity can also drop. Studies show that indoor air quality can impact performance and productivity, so now imagine how would the reaction to high humidity and musty smells in your office be.

Decreased productivity leads to even fewer profits for your business, and it will continue to be this way until you do something.

The thing is – none of this needs to happen. If you react quickly and make the right decisions, your property will be fully restored with minimal disruption to your daily business operations (of course, this will depend on the situation). Call us for commercial water damage restoration in Chicago IL today!

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Fire Damage Restoration Chicago

Fires come in all shapes and sizes. Some fires have been caused by a cooking accident, others by electricity. Regardless of the cause of a fire, they almost always result in chaos and extensive damage. They also produce smoke which further harms your property, leaving homeowners and commercial property owners/managers with a difficult obstacle to overcome. 

Fire damage can have a catastrophic effect on every part of your daily life. Windy City Water Damage Restoration connects you with a business which offers the best Chicago fire damage restoration and fire damage repair services you need to quickly restore your property and belongings, helping you get back to your normal life with the least amount of disruption. Give us a call and let’s get this problem solved and forgotten as soon as possible. 

Mold Remediation

Looking for mold remediation business in Chicago? Call us today! We’re not just flood cleanup specialists – we can also assist anyone looking for mold removal and mold remediation services.

As explained before, mold can quickly start growing after water damage, and many water-damaged properties have mold too. Our expert flood damage restoration technicians can promptly deal with all of the mold problems for you. 

Our mold remediation team strives to leave no customers unsatisfied. If you entrust us with your needs, you’ll get the same A-level service that all other customers of our pros receive. 

To start working with a top-notch mold removal business in the area, pick up the phone and dial our number now!

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Chicago Water Damage Restoration FAQs

How serious is water damage?

The answer is YES! Only a few inches of flooding can cause chaos. The negative effects are numerous – damaged concrete or bricks, rotten wood, weakened structure, ruined flooring and drywall, corroded pipes, damaged electrical system, permanent stains on walls and floors, released chemicals, toxins, bacteria, bugs, fungus, mold, and musty odors.

When should I worry about water damage?

Peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper are some of the early indicators of water damage. They will eventually swell up or warp. In extreme circumstances, the texture of the walls and ceilings may start to feel spongy.

Additionally, if wet flooring is present but only in corners or little utilized rooms, it can easily go unnoticed for weeks. Now, if you notice that then you should definitely raise an alarm. 

Does insurance cover water damage?

Depending on the circumstance and the source, water damage can be covered. A normal homeowners insurance coverage should protect you if the damage is unexpected, accidental, and occurs within your home.

You won’t be covered, though, if the water damage was brought on by external floods or carelessness. Flooding requires a separate flood insurance policy, while lack of maintenance will not be covered at all by anyone. 

Subquestion - What is considered accidental water damage?

This includes leaks or overflows of water or steam from a domestic appliance, heating or cooling system, or a plumbing system.

When to call in a water damage restoration company in Chicago?

Many times, property owners think that the only times they should contact a restoration business are when there has been a fire, a large storm, or a flash flood. However, this couldn’t be further away from the truth. 

Call in a professional water restoration business as soon as you spot any signs of water damage (such as the ones we’ve gone over above) to locate the problem and neutralize it before the situation worsens. 

For sellers - can you sell a house with water damage?

Yes, you can sell a house with water damage. The tricky thing is that it might significantly impact how much you can ask for. You can try to recover as much of the lost value as possible by restoring all of the damage or you can try to sell your house as is to an investor. Buyers will probably also be vary of the extensiveness of the damage and whether the property is in a flood zone. It’s always best to consult with a real estate professional.

For buyers - should you buy a house with water damage?

This endeavor is risky. Yes, it might be worth it but it also might not be, ending with you beating yourself up over not realizing just how extensive the damage truly is. Schedule a home inspection, submit an appropriate bid, get water damage restoration quotes, and see if you can get coverage. 

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About Chicago IL

Chicago is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Illinois and the third-most populous in the United States. With a population of 2.7 million, it is also the most populous city in the Midwest. Chicago is the seat of Cook County, IL and is situated on the southwest side of Lake Michigan. The Chicago River passes through the city. 

Chicago is an international hub for finance, culture, commerce, industry, education, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. It is the site of the creation of the first standardized futures contracts, issued by the Chicago Board of Trade, which today is part of the largest and most diverse derivatives market in the world, generating 20% of all volume in commodities and financial futures alone. O’Hare International Airport is routinely ranked among the world’s top six busiest airports according to tracked data by the Airports Council International. The Chicago area has one of the highest gross domestic products (GDP) in the world, generating $689 billion in 2018. The economy of Chicago is diverse, with no single industry employing more than 14% of the workforce.

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Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, Chicago-style hot dogs, Chicago-style (deep dish) pizza, jazz music, and 1920s gangsters like Al Capone are just a few of the numerous things for which Chicago is famous. Chicago is also well-known for its architecture, such as the Sears Tower and museums, and for having devoted sports fans.

The Chicago metropolitan area, one of the largest urban areas in the world, is a great place to live and is regarded as one of the best places to live in Illinois.

Chicago, IL has a cost of living that is 33% above the state average and 25% above the national average.

  • Chicago Loop

The Loop is a vibrant area featuring eclectic eateries, shops, theaters and parks. Comprised mostly of high-rises, it’s also home to the 108-story Willis Tower. The iconic “Cloud Gate” sculpture sits in Millennium Park.


  • Wicker Park

Hip Wicker Park has been a residential enclave since Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837.


  • Near North Side

The Near North Side is home to iconic skyscrapers like the 1920s Wrigley Building, as well as 360 Chicago, a 94th-floor observation deck. Both are on the “Magnificent Mile” section of North Michigan Avenue, along with posh boutiques and department stores.

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The minimum combined 2023 sales tax rate for Chicago, Illinois is 10.25%. This is the total of state, county and city sales tax rates. The Illinois sales tax rate is currently 6.25%. The County sales tax rate is 1.75%.

Chicago was incorporated as a town in 1833 and as a city in 1837, when its population reached 4,000. In 1848 Chicago got its first telegraph and railroad. Two innovations—grain elevators and the Board of Trade’s wheat grading standards—quickly transformed the way crops were sold.

As of July 1, 2022 the minimum wage in Chicago is $15.40 per hour for employers with 21 or more workers, and $14.50 per hour for employers with 4 to 20 workers.

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